Some call him a legend. Others call him a prodigy. But these words were a far reach for Chuen Ping Hui when he held the wok for his very first time. Executive Chef and owner of Ping's Seafood Restaurant, he is a product of his own recipe, a living example that tells all that dreams do come true with enough ambition. Merely a young boy at age 14, Ping set out to weave his dreams of becoming a chef. His career began in the back of the kitchen as a dishwasher in Hong Kong. Being a penniless teenager he knew that working in the kitchen was the only occupation that could promise him a full stomach. With the savings he made as a chef, Ping journeyed to America at age 26. He quickly launched his career as the Executive Chef at Triple Eight Palace in Chinatown, where he established the foundation of his reputation. Fast forward to 7 years later, Ping opened his first restaurant on 20 East Broadway in Chinatown. Within 3 years he opened another restaurant in Elmhurst, Queens and in 2000 he opened one more on 22 Mott St. Since then he has developed an innovative menu of his most original creations and trained a generation of chefs that now run their own restaurants in the city. Ping's Restaurant was rated "Very Good" by the New York Times, and continues to receive excellent reviews from New York's most prominent publications including New York Magazine, The New Yorker, Time Out New York, and Daily News. His motto- do your best or don't bother at all- is what turned his means of survival into a rewarding career that now has transformed into a legend that will live on in Chinatown.

QUEENS - 8302 Queens Boulevard, NY 11373 - 718.396.1238 | MANHATTAN - 22 Mott Street, NY 10013 - 212.602.9988
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